4 Easy Email Tips to Get the Response That You Want

4 Easy Email Tips to Get the Response That You Want

I write emails almost every day at work. But why is it so hard to get a response sometimes? Over the years, I’ve managed to learn and craft my email writing techniques. Here are my email tips to help you maximize your chances of getting a prompt reply as well.

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How to Have Difficult Conversations at Work

How to have difficult conversations at work

I recently attended a fantastic training course on how to have difficult conversations. And I wanted to share some of my key takeaways with you.

I joined this training course with one goal in mind: I wanted to learn how to have difficult conversations without burning any bridges.

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How to Stay Energised at Work

Wooden desk with green pot plant, camera lense, and a MacBook

Sometimes it’s hard to stay awake at work. You’ve been staring at your computer screen, reading the same sentence over and over again, but no information is getting processed by your brain. Is it time to go home yet? You check your watch, and it’s only 1:30 pm. Sound familiar?

It’s happened to the best of us. You’ve hit the wall, and your energy level is down way low. Here are some quick tips on how you can stay energised at work.

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